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2024 Market Vendors 




Burns’ Green Leaf Market

Covington, Ohio

Asparagus, green beans, beets, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, sweet corn, cucumbers, garlic, kale, radishes, lettuce, melons onions, turnips, peas, peppers, potatoes, spinach, summer squash, winter squash, zucchini, tomatoes, strawberries, black & red raspberries, peaches, plums, apples, rhubarb, honey, maple syrup, vegetable plants.


Spring Valley Farm

New Madison, Ohio

Vegetables - tomatoes, sweet corn, melons, squash (summer and winter), eggplant, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, peppers (sweet and hot), cucumbers, pickles, watermelon, honey.


Joe Bulcher

Versailles, Ohio

Potatoes, onion, beets, peas, cabbage, okra, cucumbers, bean, squash, peppers, tomatoes, eggplant, popcorn, garlic, carrots, sweet potatoes, apples, honey, kohlrabi.


Marrs Produce

Piqua, Ohio

Seasonal veggies: tomatoes, potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, cabbage, bell peppers, green beans, pumpkins, squash variety.

Belinda Hoosech

Piqua, Ohio

Microgreen: single variety including broccoli, radish, pea, sunflower, mustard, cantaloupe, and spicy salad mix.  "Sampler packages" including broccoli, radish, pea and sunflower.  Wheatgrass 5"x5" singles or trays.  Handmade jewelry, OSU fandom and Piqua Pride.





Magic Fox Gardens 

Piqua, Ohio

Plant starts of medicinal and culinary herbs, annual and perennial flowers, vegetables.



Baked goods and food products


Sprinkles and Sweets

Piqua, Ohio

Gourmet cupcakes, mini cupcakes, baked cake donuts, cake pops, variety of fudge brownies, vanilla buttercream decorated sugar cookies, stuffed jumbo cookies, sweet breads, cake jars.


Rail Line Beef

Houston, Ohio

Frozen beef and pork products, canned beef, beef snack sticks, beef jerky, summer sausage.


Cumberland Kettle Corn

Sidney, Ohio

Kettle corn, flavored kettle corn, bottled drinks.


Countrymade Baked Goods

Piqua, Ohio

Apple dumplings, cinnamon rolls, large and small pies, breads, granola bars, angel food cakes.  All the good things from years past.


Nana Bear's Confections

Vandalia, Ohio

Variety of cookie flavors, deluxe brownies in a variety of flavors, cakecups, cupcakes, fudge.

Duley's Honey

Piqua, Ohio

Local honey, infused honey, specialty honey, honey sticks, beeswax, pollen, lotion and honey soap.





PJ Crafts

Piqua, Ohio

Potholders, towels, microwave bowls, drawstring bags, plastic bag holders, burp cloths, purses.


Debra Wortman

Piqua, Ohio

Small crocheted dolls, bookmarks, gnome ornaments, stuffed gnomes, quarter keepers, aprons, playing card holders, keychains, beaded bracelets, brooches, small spider plants, iron skillet handles pads, rope bowls, homemade breads and cookies.


Jim Niswonger 

Troy, Ohio

Wood trays, wood cutting boards, wood toys.


Dreaded Crochet Creations

Piqua, Ohio

Handmade plushies, crocheted tops, crocheted hats.


JJ's Melting Pot

Piqua, Ohio

Wax melts made with organic beeswax.

Opa & Ophie's Artwork

Piqua, Ohio

Wood carvings, metal workings, quilts, sewing projects and crafts.

Lil B Homemade Wax Melts

Piqua, Ohio

Homemade wax melts, candles and wax burners.

Becky's Buckeye Naturals

Troy, Ohio

Homemade soaps, lotions, shampoo bars, shower fizzies, sugar scrubs and laundry soaps made with locally sourced natural ingredients and essential oils.

Sunstone Spells

Piqua, Ohio

Crystals, homemade jewelry, herb & crystal spell jars, money bowl & salt kits, wind chimes, room sprays and essential oils.

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